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See You In New York!

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Hey internet hairdressing friends, I’m going to be at IBS New York this weekend doing a presentation of “How To Survive and Thrive as a Hairdresser and Salon Owner.”

It’s been an interesting process, trying to come up with the program and presentation. Devon Plamondon, the education director of our company once talked about “death by Powerpoint” when we were launching Product For Hair for some salons last year and the phrase has clearly struck a nerve. I just had a nightmare that I bombed because I spent my session reading the screen rather than what I normally do, which is just free styling based on a few loose themes.

So it’s 4:30am, and I’m blogging to get the motivation to completely strip down and redo the Powerpoint presentation I’ve been working on for the last month. I hope I am able to create some balance between staying on point while being totally unfiltered. It’s more fun for me to go off the rails, but I tend to forget what I was talking about.

If you happen to be in New York this weekend, I hope to meet you on Sunday in room 1E16 On Sunday from 2-3:30 and on Monday from 12-1:30

I promise to share some of my perspective with you and, at bare minimum you will leave with a couple of ideas that you can immediately and comfortably put to use in your salons and with your clients that will help you to have a happier and more prosperous life through hairdressing.

One thought on “See You In New York!

  1. Enjoyed your class so much! I’ll be on the look out for you next year.

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