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A While Back My Gang And I Made A Video

To promote what at the time was our new salon. And it’s starting to pop up in various places again.

We had planned to do this all over the city but as I am with most things, something else came up and we forgot.

If you’ve not see this, it was a fun, weird experience. We did sweep up, and other than our crew, nobody new what was happening.

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A Little Behind The Scenes of Our Newest Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Video

Some of you may not know that we own 2 hairdressing academies as well as 3 salons.

Our hairdressing school is called the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy, and we feel it is the best hairdressing school in British Columbia. One of the reasons is we have created our entire curriculum based on what we experience in our salons. Because we are one of the few schools owned by a salon company, we are better qualified to teach what students need to know in order to succeed in the hair industry than our competition.

And our program is the shortest in North America, at 580 hours. In 6 months we cover a lot of ground. The graduated bob in this video is taught on day 8 of our course. It sounds ridiculous when I write it, but it’s true. We don’t waste a second.

Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Graduated Bob- Behind The Scenes


Hairdressers! Would you like to see your work published in a book?

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I have been given an interesting opportunity, and that is to compile and write a book called “1000 Hairstyles.

A huge part of my job is going to be selecting the 1000 images to be included in the book. And I want to use as little stock imagery as possible. The stock stuff is generally not what I want, so I wanted to reach out to as many of my incredibly talented stylist friends around the world and ask them to submit their work.

The book is designed to be a resource for salons. There are going to be ¬†chapters divided by lengths, textures, fringes, colours, braids, upstyling and wedding hair and avant garde. ¬†And there will be several featured styles showing the cut from all angles. If this works the way the publisher and I hope it will, the book will be an encyclopedia of hairstyles and hopefully will make it’s way into thousands of salons world-wide.

What we are looking for is well shot consumer-friendly work. The type of work that you would want a client to reference when looking for a new style. I want to avoid overly “hairdressery” hair.

For your work to qualify, it must be:
– High res imagery.
– Models must be attractive, but age is not that much of an issue as I would like to include women of all ages if possible.
– You must own the work and you must be able to provide the publisher a release.

What’s in it for you? Unfortunately we don’t have a budget to compensate stylists financially. But to have your work in hard copy in a book like this is pretty cool, and of course you will be credited. And if I use your images in a more prominent way, half or full page, you will be mentioned in the description of the work as well.

If you have work already shot that you would like to be considered for inclusion, please post it to

If you think you would like to shoot something new, the deadline is April 30th 2015.

And if you wish you could shoot something but are overwhelmed at the thought of putting together a shoot, use this as a catalyst to start creating your own editorial. Get your co-workers together and call up your hottest clients with the best hair, call a makeup artist friend (we all have them) hire a photographer to come to the salon and shoot your work. It will be a great team-building session and you will definitely want to do it again.

I hope this covers everything. If you have questions, I will try to answer them.

Thanks so much! I hope to be able to use all the fabulous work submitted.