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Chicago, We Flirted Before But You Got Nervous…



If you are a regular reader of this blog, and if you are I thank you so much, you will remember the ridiculous drama I had with the people at America’s Beauty Show. You can read all about it here if you missed it:

Well, I’m coming, and this time it’s personal.

I’m so thrilled and honoured to have been asked to join The Butterfly Circus for their Chicago show next month. It’s going to be amazing!
And I’m humbled to be joining these incredible artists on stage:


Thanks to my friends Alexis and David Thurston for thinking to include me at their event. It looks to me like this is going to be awesome. The other artists work is so fantastic and they could overthrow a government with their combined Instagram following.

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday at

Now to start practicing so I can keep it to 30 minutes. If you’ve seen me on stage, you’ll understand.

See you May 15th Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Chicago, We Flirted Before But You Got Nervous…

  1. This is amazing. You are a perfect addition to the circus. Get ready for your insta flowing to blow up! Congrats, well deserved.

    • Thanks so much for your vote of confidence Kristy. It’s weird to be included with these next-level stylists.
      Hopefully the IG goes up a bit. I’d love to hit 5 figures before IG is totally passe.
      Again, thank you!

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