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The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Adds Exclusive New Content

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Many people don’t know that our company operates a revolutionary hairdressing school in Vancouver BC called the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy.

We believe the biggest issue in hairdressing schools, other than most of them being complete shit, is inconsistency in instruction. So when we designed out program we knew we had to create black and white content for our instructors to fall back on since everyone has their own unique ways of interpreting our systems. So we created videos for everything.

6 years later we are revamping our entire video education series, adding new content and removing certain trend-driven videos from our series. So to kick things off, we had an opportunity to create the first of our new series of videos with our good friend and superstar colourist Iris Smith, AKA @GlamIris.

Here is a preview of our latest video and standard balayage technique, as demonstrated by Iris Smith.

Just one more reason for future hairdressers to choose the Vancouver Hair Academy.

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