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Salon Ownership is Not Always What It Seems


It’s unusual for a salon to close when things are going great. There are many layers to success in business, and “failure” in the hair salon business is just as often about getting rid of the headaches and drama as it is about finance.

5 thoughts on “Salon Ownership is Not Always What It Seems

  1. Your so true and truly appreciate your honestly.. and realness!
    Thank you

  2. Your honesty is so refreshing …Thank You …Happy Holidays to you & your family!

  3. thank you for your honesty. This is coming from a salon and restaurant owner. The thing is for an owner like myself …there is a time when you have to cut the cord. It’s hard on the sole but….On employees especially…if they are not up for keeping up an agreed task list…or creating drama in your establishment-get ones that will. As an owner you feel so vulnerable at times because you need revenue…stop spending if you want to be an owner of anything. If you go into business thinking you will make money or have a huge house payment and nice cars etc…stop before you start a business…get rid of debt or you are asking for more headache than any human can possibley endure. Also know are going to be responsible for people’s food and clothes on their backs…if you are not prepared for adult parenthood…quit now. Employees…Have one on one meetings on a regular so you can weed out the rotten seeds. 4 out of 16 people followed you? I’ve seen this before. I worked in a salon as an employee once for 16 years. He started out with one salon, than wanted a few more…he was only one man….one person can only do so much. If I didn’t have a partner I would close the doors too.

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