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Respect, Empathy, Responsibility, and Thinking Big

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This video comes from an interview where I cover a few different ideas, but they all come together with my usual message;
grow up, look in the mirror, get your act together, and think big.

One thought on “Respect, Empathy, Responsibility, and Thinking Big

  1. Once again Michael, you have not only hit the nail right on the head, you drove the damn thing right through the 2 x 4. …………..just a side note….the young lady you spoke to that was “appalled” by the premise of 45% commission….she probably would have completely lost her fucking mind if you were to throw a service charge into the equation….. they may not understand now, ….hopefully in the future they will have their epiphany and it will hit them right on the head like a ton of bricks…..

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