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A Little Behind The Scenes of Our Newest Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Video

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Some of you may not know that we own 2 hairdressing academies as well as 3 salons.

Our hairdressing school is called the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy, and we feel it is the best hairdressing school in British Columbia. One of the reasons is we have created our entire curriculum based on what we experience in our salons. Because we are one of the few schools owned by a salon company, we are better qualified to teach what students need to know in order to succeed in the hair industry than our competition.

And our program is the shortest in North America, at 580 hours. In 6 months we cover a lot of ground. The graduated bob in this video is taught on day 8 of our course. It sounds ridiculous when I write it, but it’s true. We don’t waste a second.

Vancouver Hairdressing Academy Graduated Bob- Behind The Scenes

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