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A While Back My Gang And I Made A Video


To promote what at the time was our new salon. And it’s starting to pop up in various places again.

We had planned to do this all over the city but as I am with most things, something else came up and we forgot.

If you’ve not see this, it was a fun, weird experience. We did sweep up, and other than our crew, nobody new what was happening.

3 thoughts on “A While Back My Gang And I Made A Video

  1. How true it is, everything you said. I am an owner since 1983, stylist till 1991. Being a leader of a group is vet challenging, almost like being a parent. I’ve had many moments of tears, broken heart, financial stress and much more in my career. But I sent most of the stylists with big hugs and kisses when they move onto another places. Everyone is entitled to upgrade their life and learn new experiences. After all these years I am at a point of peace which means I will run business as what I believe and I believe in people I work with. I have more than 5 stylists who had been with me for 25 + years. Give some and take some, that’s all, not more or less. We jokingly talk about being near when we retire. It’s all good and I don’t have any regrets.

    Sang Roche

  2. Great job on the video creative and motivating .

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