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A Question For Stylists And Salon Owners



Hair industry friends,

I am speaking at New York IBS and I am finalizing my presentation and I need some help.

I have two questions:

What are some of the things salon owners think about stylists?

What are some things stylists think about owners?

If you comment here it won’t be made public so nobody will see what you have written except me. And I promise to delete the entire post once I have enough responses. You are totally safe to write what you want without repercussions.

Thanks so much!

3 thoughts on “A Question For Stylists And Salon Owners

  1. I think a salon’s stylists are their greatest assets. Hire slowly and terminate quickly. The troublesome ones (which we all have) can sometimes be saved with course correction but don’t waste time on them. Spend it on the others. Coach them in their skills, mentor them in their growth and development and care about them as individuals and they will remain this most valuable asset.

    PS: I really love your blog – your perspective is one I SO relate to. At times I feel like you’re writing my own experience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a salon owner I sometimes feel like I am the mother to spoiled children. I have stylists who have apprentices, and receptionists to do everything for them with the exception of cutting and coloring hair. I give them 1% of their gross sales taken off of my end to pay for education, as well as do in salon classes on a working day, give them paid vacation and retirement. I feel I give so much, and sometimes it seems there is no appreciation. Never a Christmas card, or birthday card from my senior stylists even though I do bonuses and birthday presents. Where have I gone wrong? How do I get them to appreciate how good they have it, and that I don’t even make a profit from them?

  3. Owners perspective 1.Stylists have no idea of the hidden costs to run a salon 2.stylists tend to be wasteful 3. Stylists don’t realize how ugly a messy work area is when their not busy. 4 stylists do not realize guests are not your friends 5.stylist do not realize that people skills top technical skills

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