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Your Body Language, And Why Faking It Is A Good Thing

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I am kind of protective of the term “Fake it till you make it.” It gets a bad rap because people don’t really understand what it means, and it gets used a lot by cheesy people. But it is a simple term that describes a philosophy or mantra that can change our lives if we choose to adopt it or are forced into it.

To me, it means getting out of your comfort zone and forcing yourself to do the things you aren’t good at or maybe scare you. Eventually you evolve and realize that you can do anything you want to do. And that is the most powerful realization a person can have.

Watch this very interesting TED talks by Amy Cuddy about body language, power, confidence and much more. And a great story about faking it until she made it starts around 15:30.

Big thanks to Caramel Salon stylist Aimee Cox for sending this one my way.

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