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Did You Know We Run The Most Revolutionary Hair Program in North America?

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There are a lot of hairdressing schools out there. In fact, probably too many. But our program is different.

The Vancouver Hairdressing Academy is the shortest, most accelerated system anywhere. Our 6 month 3 day a week program allows you to train faster and enter the workforce sooner. You will get a jump start on your career because we won’t waste a minute of your time teaching you things that you don’t need to know.

And when you are thinking about where to go for hairdressing education, an important thing to consider is who is behind that education and what have they themselves accomplished in the hairdressing world.

Long before we opened our first academy, we built our reputation in the salon world. And we did that through apprenticeships. We trained our team from the ground up, whether they had gone to hairdressing school or not.
And we have helped launch the careers of some very well known and award-winning stylists.

You can get your hairdressing education from a lot of places. But when you have the choice, consider getting it from the people who are out there every day running salons and performing services at the absolute highest levels of the industry. From people who have done it.

Most importantly is our students’ and graduates’ perspective. Watch this video and hear what they have to say:

For information on how you can join the most progressive hair school anywhere, contact

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