My Life As A Hairstylist

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Lots of Cool Things Happening

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Lots of cool things happening.

I’ve officially been booked to do seminars at the Long Beach and Chicago hair shows,  and I have 3 other firm offers,  though I’m not really interested in being a road warrior so if you want to see me,  this is it.

I told my publisher I wasn’t going to write my book on their time line and I’ve not heard back from them for a while so that project is possibly dead. And I’m actually happy about it because I have more time to spend with my team and to write and record things that I’m far more passionate about.

And we’ve shipped Product to Ontario,  Minnesota and California,  and the interest keeps growing. Exciting!

A big part of the reason we are growing while we are actually shrinking is because I’ve stopped caring about my place in the salon industry in my city, and I’m not beating dead horses anymore in an effort to cling to the status quo. We’ve also gone back to focusing on education within our company which is a great way to reignite culture.  It also shakes the tree a little.

Success is not complicated,  it’s just that paths sometimes get muddied as we grow. When that happens we need to go back and simplify.

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