My Life As A Hairstylist

Salon owner, hairstylist, educator, product maker, photographer

6 thoughts on “Hairdressers! Doing Your Job is Not Something Special!

  1. Michael, you’re always on point and I love your candor! 🙂

  2. Another insightful dose of keeping it real. I love your videos Michael. What I’ve noticed as a salon owner is that every stylist knows what they’re meant to do – the most successful ones are the guys that do it consistently, to even the clients they hate, the lousy tippers, the perpetually late arrivals. Keep up the awesome work. xx

  3. Hairdressers! Doing Your Job is Not Something Special!: via statikman You make a lot of valid comments on this video but yes most of us live below the poverty line…… 20 years of doing my job working for these chains salons…… Maybe that’s been my mistake…… But the validation for hairstylists which we are the product of the customers are coming in for and a lot of these chains salons don’t understand that…… So yes I consider my customers mine if they feel like following me then yes they can……there are laws in place that say that I have a right to work and I have a right to pursue happiness and I also have a right to pay my freaking Bills…… Florida is one of the lowest paying wages state for hairdressers yes I do my job and I do it well …… But no matter what you do sometimes still live at the poverty level…when you work pay check to pay then maybe I will listen…..

    • Hi Charlize,
      I understand your post and your frustration, but you better believe that I used to live check to check as a stylist. And as an owner I lived check to check, when I got a check.
      And that’s why you should consider changing your mindset.

      I started out in 1995 charging $25 for a haircut and struggled for a long time even though I was fully booked and was successful by most people’s standards.

      If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.

  4. Agree with your Tough Love, Michael. Successful hairdressers do the best hair for their customers because that is their job. At the same time, successful salon owners are good at keeping those great hairdressers.

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