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You’re Better Off When They Leave



As owners, we occasionally feel handcuffed by employee demands. So we need to know the difference between a good employee making suggestions and having dialogue, and an entitled staff member who is wanting rules to be bent or broken just for them.

Sometimes we are tempted to bend, out of fear for losing those people and what that might mean. Don’t be afraid, run your salon the way you know you need to. That stylist was likely casting a large cloud over your salon. They were unhappy, you were unhappy and your team was probably unhappy too.

If and when they do leave or you let them go, you will be better off.

4 thoughts on “You’re Better Off When They Leave

  1. Love this post,,, thank you very much for your Candor

  2. Completely agree, the employee that’s lost, they become the rotten apple that can poison a team – Bye bye.

  3. Thanks so much for this vlog. I had an apprentice who was with me 2.5 months and only the first month was good. Seeing this helps reiterate the signs I ignored. I was afraid to let them go with the signs for fear of their badmouthing my salon. In the end I know that I will never have control of them or what they say. I am happier and my clients have mentioned they are glad she is gone too. This helps me feel so much better about this situation and helps me change things I would do on hiring another one.

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