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Your Saturday Action Plan- 1



Every Saturday I post a little action plan for my team. I decided to start sharing these quick little hits with you.
These are easy, small things that can make a big difference.

Today I want you all to do this:

Look at your column when you arrive and think a little about each client.

Then when they come in and you give your smile, hug, whatever, before consultation, say,

“I saw you were coming in today and I’ve been thinking about your hair/what I wanted to do with your hair. ”

Do this with at least 1 person today and watch them light up and watch how you start to perform more creatively and inspired.

This simple thing can help ignite a transformation in how you behave and how clients feel about you.

6 thoughts on “Your Saturday Action Plan- 1

  1. Great idea to share simple ideas weekly in this form… sometimes word of mouth is lost at the moment …. they say your more likely to comprehend what you read… Thanks, I’m going to try your idea this week!

  2. I remember being told this in a class a few years ago and I have been doing it ever since. It’s pretty amazing to see a client’s reaction when they know that you’ve been thinking about them between appointments. Thank you for sharing…I love your blog so much.

  3. Loved this post and passes it on to staff .how do I subscribe to this on a weekly basis ? Denise Stock

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